I was listening music on youtube, came up that illegal thing of ddaeng with 30m views, got angry and came here. Welcome to the House of Ddaeng! A place where you see no end

    بي او ت الدعم الفني
  1. ddaeng
  2. It also refers to a move in the Korean card
  3. Lyrics was added by azura
  4. The teacher is waiting for us
  5. 58]Ddaeng! [01:36
  6. Haggyo jong ulyola brr brr ddaeng
  7. los mejores raperos de toda la industria 😋
  8. ibon sengun dulotso non ddaeng
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  10. Ring the school bell brr brr ddaeng
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  12. 85 $21
  13. 2] [p
  14. i almost do (jeon jungkook) [ch